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Players always complain about casinos. It is easy to do, as there are many websites where casino partners act as an independent party in disputes. You can also leave a complaint about casinos on our website.

Players complain not just about small and little-known operators, but also about large world-known ones. Let’s take a look at the most popular complaints about casinos to get an idea of ​​the difficulties one may face.

According to the owner of the Casinomeister website, most of the players complain in the cases when they shouldn’t. In his opinion, 30% of complaints come from players who deliberately break the rules in order to get profit. Indeed, this happens quite often. It may be just an attempt to get their winnings received by breaking the rules.

Such players usually do not strongly insist on their own way, because the casino can send evidence of violations by the player during the investigation. Moreover, the complainants usually disappear when asked for evidence.

Many players submit complaints about casinos that generally cannot be trusted. For example, if you play in one of the Volcanoes from our blacklist, then it is no surprise that you can end up dissatisfied. Please don’t be in a rush to start the game – first, check how reliable the casino is.

  • One of the most common complaints about casinos is delays in paying out winnings or refusing to pay. This is especially the case with big wins. In fact, it is profitable for operators to delay withdrawals, and even more profitable to refuse paying at all. However, reliable casinos won’t do this for no reason. Some casinos also delay checking the documents for account verification. In this case, dubious casinos hope that the player won’t wait and lose the money during further play.
  • Self-exclusion seems to be a solution to gambling addiction. However, players often complain about casinos that continue to send newsletters and allow the player to enter their account even after activating the self-exclusion mode. Most likely, this happens not intentionally, but by some mistake, as this can even happen in large casinos licensed in the UK, which are then penalized by the regulator.
  • In theory, the player should not be allowed to enter their account or sent any notifications and promotions after self-exclusion. If the casino is registered in a reputable jurisdiction, you can claim a refund. However, if the operator is registered in Curacao or other non-demanding jurisdictions, you will only have to rely on the websites of the casino partners, who do not have official authority to force the casino to pay.
  • Complaints about casino software errors are not as common as withdrawal issues. However, a fair number of players face them. For example, the following may happen: the game was interrupted at the moment of the activation of free spins, and the free spins did not start after the restart. Another example: the bonus round started, you won, but then the game froze, and the money was not credited to the balance.

Often players just don’t read the rules, think that they were cheated and go complain about the casino. This especially applies to bonuses and bonus wagering. One needs to be careful not to break the rules by mistake. In the case with bonuses, there are always conditions that cannot be violated.

Regarding the account verification: if you used your real details, it won’t be difficult for you to pass verification. You only need a few documents to prove your identity, address and payment method.
It is very important to back up your words with some kind of evidence when filing complaints about a casino. Therefore, immediately start taking screenshots and saving the correspondence with the support desk as soon as you feel that you will have to defend your rights.

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